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1. How far ahead do I need to book my cake?
We limit the number of cakes we take in a weekend to three, so the earlier you reserve your date with us the better. Typically, busier wedding months (May through October) book four to six months in advance. For other times of the year, a couple of months notice will usually suffice. If you have your heart set on a cake from Gateaux, book it as early as possible no matter what time of year. We turn away more cakes than we produce each year, so don't risk it, give us a call as soon as you know the date of your event!
2. How do I sample your cakes?
See our Design Process section of the web site for more details, but in short, we set up a design session first. Then, once a month, we invite all of the clients that we've met with over that past month to come by the shop on our sample day. Cake samples are sliced and boxed for our clients to take home with them and share with their fiancees, parents, whoever they like!
3. How much do your cakes cost?
Our smallest wedding cake is a three tier cake, serving 90-150 guests. The price varies significantly depending on the design of the cake, but they usually range in price from $1250.00-$1550.00. More elaborate designs can run up to $2000.00 for a three tier. Additional servings can be handled by ordering a four or five tier cake, or by adding sheet cakes to the wedding cake order. We give specific pricing on each cake that we design at your consultation.
4. Can I order just sheetcakes?
Our sheetcakes are specifically meant to subsidize our larger wedding and event cakes. We don't do sheetcakes alone.
5. What is the delivery fee for your cakes?
Our cakes are always delivered unassembled, so we insist on delivering them ourselves. For that reason, it wouldn't be fair to charge a delivery fee. We only charge for delivery if we are bringing the cake more than an hour away from the Twin Cities Metro area. Otherwise, it's on the house!
6. Do you do Birthday Cakes, Groom's Cakes or other Event Cakes?
We do birthday and other event cakes for any party that meets our minimum order of a three tier cake. Sometimes, the shape of the cake doesn't merit three tiers, at which point, we hold to a minimum cake price of $1,000. When we do a birthday, or event cake, it counts as one of our three cakes for that weekend, so it is important to call well in advance of the event date to secure our services. On weekends when we already have three wedding cakes booked, we do not take any other orders.
7. How do I reserve my wedding/event date with Gateaux?
In order to reserve the date for your cake, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit.
8. Do you do cupcakes or single serving "mini" wedding cakes?
We don't do cupcakes. We are capable of making individual wedding cakes, but the way that we decorate, they would be cost prohibitive to order.
9. Do you do Centerpiece Cakes?
Yes. We make centerpiece cakes as beautiful as our tiered cakes! We also make gourmet cake buffets for people looking for something a little different and a lot delicious! We have silver cake stands and servers that we let our clients borrow for the centerpiece and gourmet cakes, so you don't need to worry about renting them. Give us a call for more info.
10. What kind of Frosting do you use?
All of our wedding/event cakes are frosted in our home-made pure butter Buttercreme, then covered in a hand-rolled eighth inch of Swiss Fondant. It is the best of both worlds, the flavor and texture of an all-butter buttercreme, without having to have your cake be butter-yellow in color! Our swiss fondant is white (but can be tinted any color) so we cover up the buttercreme and make the cake look flawless. The intricacy of our designs requires the use of fondant. You just can't do what we do in buttercreme alone! Don't be put off by other bakeries' less than favorable review of fondant. We've tried fondants from all over the world, and found this one to be by far the best in flavor and texture. It costs much more than domestic fondants, but we don't skimp on anything that would compromise the taste of our cakes. Sheet cakes are frosted in our buttercreme alone, marked for the number of servings we want them to serve (big servings!) and delivered directly to the kitchen at the reception site.
11. Do you freeze your cakes?
That would be cruel, no.
12. What about cake stands?
We have a fabulous selection of cake stands to display your cake. If we don't have the perfect thing, we'll find it, or make it. We don't charge any rental fees on our cake stands, we just ask our clients to return them to us after the event.
13. Do you ship your cakes?
No. While we do fly cakes to New York for magazine shoots quite frequently, we do not offer to ship actual cakes for clients. Magazine cakes are usually frosted Styrofoam, so they travel just fine. Plus, if something does go wrong, the photo shoot is short one cake, not so big of a deal as your one-and-only wedding cake!
14. Can I order a Styrofoam or fake cake?
The best thing about our cakes is that people can hardly believe they're real! What fun would it be if they actually weren't? None! While we do make "dummy" cakes for photo shoots, we do not offer them for actual events. Actual event, actual cake.
15. Do you make cakes for people with dietary restrictions?
We can accommodate people with nut allergies. We do not, however offer gluten-free, sugar-free, or vegan cakes.
16. Can I order Favours if I'm not ordering a wedding cake?
Our favours are made the same way as our cakes, all by hand, all by our small staff. For that reason, we only make favours for weddings that we are making cakes for. We only take three weddings per weekend, so those three clients can have anything they want from us. We want to focus all of our energy in the kitchen on those three events.
17. Can I order Invitations if I'm not ordering a wedding cake?
We represent several excellent print companies from all over the country. They are the best of the best! Since we aren't actually producing the invitations in-house, we do take orders for invitations even if you aren't ordering your wedding cake through us. We love to customize invitations just like we do cakes, so if you're looking for a unique invitation, give us a call!
18. Are you hiring?
We are fully staffed at the moment, however, usually take a part timer/intern for the summer months. Email us your resume and we'll keep it on file for the next time we're looking! The only requirement for employees is that they LOVE cake! But it helps to be fun too.
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